Golf Course Redesign/ Renovation

This Spring we began consultation with Garrett Gill, a golf course architect, who provided us with his expertise on possible solutions to improving Apostle Highlands. Since then, our team of Rob Ganson, Bruce Kalmon, Don Bush, Mike Boris and Ken Boris with the assistance of John Ganske (Greenkeeper CBGC) and Northern Clearing Inc., have made great strides in improving your experience at Apostle Highlands.

So far we have made small and large improvements to the golf course. We have updated our flags and flagsticks. Our flags have been changed to a nautical pennant flag with numbers denoting each hole. The flagsticks are black and white striped as well as an inch thick to provide better depth perception as well as a more traditional look.

We now have barber poles at the 150 yd marker to provide a target off the tee as well as a quick distance reference.

We have updated our hole markers to match the aesthetics of the clubhouse. We have also updated the plaques on the hole markers and added a few new ones for people who have meant so much to Apostle Highlands.

Since we are "Apostle Highlands", this year we have tried to emulate more of a links course. In doing this we have increased the visual contrast of the golf course as well as provided a more significant habitat for local wildlife. We are a certified Travel Green facility and we hope one day to add an Audubon National Certification to that.

It is undecided at this point as to when we will break ground, but there are plans in the works to redesign the layout of the golf course and renovate a few choice greens as well as all of our bunker complexes. This is an exciting prospect that will bring Apostle Highlands to the next level.

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